2cm Aerial Survey of the Burrard inlet,Vancouver.

This project took 4 hours to record. It is geo-referenced and captured at 2cm resolution. The images below show the project overview and the layers that it is comprised of.

5cm Aerial Survey of a pipeline near Fort St John, BC

124 KM of Pipeline captured in 5cm to provide right of way inspection, line inspection, compliance and environmental planning upgrades.

5cm Aerial Survey Marina

This 5cm survey of the riptide marina unveiled an unexpected surprise. Bottom left is a sunken pleasure boat at the foot of one of the docks. ASAP Geomatix processing and capture techniques reveal data that was previously impossible to capture.


ASAP Geomatix © 2014

0.77cm Aerial Survey of the River Campbell, BC.

A study to provide more accurate detection results for fish counts during spawning season. Imagery was taken at 0.77cm/pixel and threshold mapping together with some other proprietary methods, were used to indicate and automatically count the fish.

0.77cm/pixel Beach Debris Surveys

Working with a wildlife protection society, we’re using our highest resolution yet for biological research into beach debris along the west coast of BC. No aerial imagery has come close to this resolution needed to identify items as small as a bottle cap. Yes, this was taken from 500ft in the air!