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Sub-centimeter resolution per pixel.
Get incredible clarity and detail with our sub-centimetre gigapixel imagery. The greater the resolution the more you see. Gather more data for analysis, reports, and actionable data extraction.
Cost effective.
Acquire only the data you need by varying your resolutions per project. By mixing resolutions you can concentrate on the areas of most interest and cover the areas of less interest in lower resolution. This means less flight time and ultimately lower cost for acquisition.
Processing capabilities
We’ve coupled traditional stereoscopic imagery techniques with gigapixel processing to create 3D point clouds, DEM and DTM models that exceed LiDAR resolutions with Trillions of points.
Re-envisioned data acquisition system.
ASAP has developed a low-cost system for seamlessly acquiring terrabytes of aerial data. It has a modular design that allows for rapid sensor extensions. The system comes complete with pilot operated touch screen and mission computer for simple operation.
Growing reach.
Our growing helicopter community outreach programme allows for data to be quickly acquired throughout North America.
We’re growing and our website is too!
After long awaited design and brilliant customer feedback, we’re implementing a whole new look
and feel to our website. New features include:

Customer login portal with web mapping support. View your data online with lightning speed!

Share your data across project managers and departments with a simple web interface.

GIS expert? No problem, we’re adding hosted WMTS support for simple URL hook in to ArcGISTM
or other GIS platform.

And even more data to see with our latest products and services.
New website coming soon!