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Who is ASAP Geomatix?
ASAP Geomatix is a multi discipline team of avionics, remote sensing, GIS and data processing experts. Working together, the team re-envisioned data acquisition technology to bring the highest resolution, clarity and accuracy possible to the Aerial Survey industry. The result: sub centimetre resolution imagery - an industry first.
ASAP is currently building out a network of acquisition partners. If you are currently an aerial image acquisition company or helicopter service provider and are interested in extending your service offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.
ASAP is constantly working to develop new technologies and research in aerial surveillance technologies. We are working to increase the sensors on board our aircraft to provide more innovative data products . 
Infra red (thermal) imaging occurs between the 700nm and 1mm wavelengths. Just past the visible spectrum it allows us to turn heat into visible light, that we may align with our current imagery to provide exact locations of hotspots for pipe leaks, powerline faults and much more.
Ultra-violet or Corona cameras allow for us to see the wavelengths between 310nm and 100nm. Corona discharge is the event of UV light being emitted during ionization of a fluid just prior to arcing. In other words, a fault has occurred and is on the verge of short circuiting.
Computer aided object recognition
  Flotation Buoy
  Location: 49.528913 N -125.25678 E
   Size: 15” x 30”
   Material: Petroleum based

Using analytical methods such as cascade object detection, hidden markov models and training trees, computational machine learning and recognition is advancing at a rapid pace. ASAP is currently researching methods into creating databases of recognized objects with attributes such as type, size and location for statistical analysis such as beach debris surveys. In the future we hope to apply this capability to a wide range of different


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